Low Country Photography & Aerial Solutions

Low Country Photo & Aerial Solutions

Earth friendly Aerial Solutions

Sunset /  Modoc Shores, South Carolina

What We Do

Aerial Mapping, Elevation and NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) Services

 Crop Management Benefits

  • Canopy coverage & density detection
  • NDVI with time provides accurate growth trending
  • Frost Damage Detection
  • Pest Outbreaks
  • Optimizing crop rotation durations
  • Ecological Benefits
  • Vegetation dynamics or plant phenological changes over time
  • Grazing impacts or attributes related to grazing management 
  • Changes in rangeland condition
  • Vegetation or land cover classification
  • Soil moisture

Real Estate

Low Country Photography specializes in high  impact low cost MLS compliant branded and unbranded tours.  For those who need a little more bang, Aerial photography services are now available for a nominal fee.  

Industrial Inspection Services

 The benefits of using drones for industrial inspection are varied:

  • Reduced down time, asset stays operational during the inspection
  • Minimal health and safety issues
  • High quality, repeatable database allowing a time stamping of asset condition.
  • Ability to operate in remote and hostile locations at minimum costs
  • GPS equipped aircraft, stabilized camera systems, with 1" CMOS Sensor, 20 megapixel  30 FPS still, 100 FPS video at 4k resolution


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How Can we Serve you?

Turf Management

  • Pinpoint areas of interest with unmatched precision.
  • Track specific turf problems surch as yellowing/brownig
  • Each critical area can be monitored over time to show reduction in turf browning and redistribution of water from over greened areas.
  • Moderate browning
  • Severe browning
  • ​High flourishing areas

Roof & Structure Inspections

Gone are the days of hauling ladders, requiring teams of personnel to check those peaks and valleys at heights and slopes that can result in personal injury or death from a fall.

With super high resolution cameras mounted on professional grade UAV's no building is to tall, steep, or precarious to determine it's condition.  

Insurance inspections

Wind Farm, Cell Tower & More

Our inspections are faster than traditional techniques, providing cost savings while improving  safety by reducing unnecessary human interaction at great heights. 

We can accurately measure defects with incredible accuracy with the use of 20 megapixel / 4k high-resolution cameras that can record every inch of your equipment and assist with preventing unexpected system failure at a fraction of doing it the old fashioned way.

Weddings & Special Events

Your event is special so why settle for the standard ground level photos?   Low Country Aerial Solutions can not only turn the ordinary into extraordinary but also assist in planning your next event using aerials of your current layout from a truly remarkable point of view. See our venue like never before!

Collaborative Photography

We are delighted to work with other media and photography professionals!

Combining cutting edge technology, rock solid platforms and decades of photography experience.  Our FAA Approved Pilots are seasoned photographers too!

Passion Matters... 

Infrastructure & More

Clarks Hill Dam

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) also known as Drones are perfectly suited to the task of inspecting the most difficult to reach spots on bridges, dams and  existing  structures and those under construction.  With the ability to  scan for cracks, erosion, corrosion and defects in areas that would otherwise require the inspector to climb, repel, hang from a rope/harness or erect scaffolding, UAV's offer a safe, quick and cost effective alternative to the old fashion methods.

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Low Country Photo & Aerial Solutions

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