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Low Country Photo & Aerial Solutions
Low Country Photo & Aerial Solutions
  • Affordable Aerial Photography

    Whatever your needs – Events coverage, Sale of property, or just simply want a bird’s eye view – our rates are affordable!

    A picture is worth a thousand words

    Weddings & Special Events

    Your event is special so why settle for ordinary ground level photos?  Take your special occasion to new heights with Aerial still and Cinematic grade 4k video.  We are happy to work with your event photographer to record  your special day from a very unique point of view! 

    Turf Management

    Quickly access the health of your course from the air affordably.  Survey for damaged trees, fencing and buildings after storms and other inclement weather.

    Roof Inspections

    Gone are the days of hauling ladders, requiring teams of personnel to check those peaks and valleys at heights and slopes that can result in personal injury or death from a fall.  With super high resolution cameras mounted on professional grade UAV's no building is to tall, steep, or precarious to determine it's condition safely and affordably.


    The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) also known as Drones are perfectly suited to the task of inspecting the most difficult to reach spots on bridges, dams and  existing  structures and those under construction.   UAV's offer a safe, quick and cost effective alternative to the old fashion methods.

    Collaborative Photography

    We are delighted to work with other media and photography professionals! Combining cutting edge technology, rock solid platforms and decades of photography experience.  Our FAA Certified Pilots are seasoned photographers too!

    Wind Farm, Cell Tower & More

    Our inspections are faster than traditional techniques, providing cost savings while improving  safety by reducing unnecessary human interaction at great heights. We can measure defects with incredible accuracy with the use of high-resolution cameras that record every inch of your equipment safely at a fraction of current costs.

    Book your job now with confidence through Droners.io

    Southern Sunflowers

    12 Acres of Sunflowers being grown in Columbia county, what a magnificent site to see!


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    FAA Remote Pilot #4070551

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    Limits to 5M @ pass-thru rate

    Low Country Photo & Aerial Solutions