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Agri-Aerial Mapping, Elevation and NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) Services

Aerial Maps & Crop Management Benefits
Crop scouting:
Using drones is a much quicker, simpler way of scouting crops allowing you to reduce variability and solve problems faster

Soil mapping: Identify crop variation and damage across an entire field in a matter of hours

Irrigation optimization: Identify irregularities in irrigation based on vegetative cover & other indicators only seen from overhead.  Irrigation uniformity

Drainage repair: Fix drainage issues so that water is consistent across the crop. Yield optimization: Make the right crop adjustments faster with instant data and detailed mapping. 

Yield projections: Make accurate projections based on detailed, high-resolution mapping. 

Nitrogen application: More easily see nitrogen deficiencies in your crops. · Emergence/Stand count: Determine if you need to replant in any areas. · Equipment malfunction detection: Catch equipment issues that result in uneven seeding, pesticides distribution or replanting or gaps in plants.

Pest issues: Determine if any areas are having pest issues, and assess the effectiveness of pest control strategies.    

Real Estate

Benefits of using Aerial Photography in Real Estate

According to the National Association of Realtors - NAR, 73% of homeowners are more likely to list their property with an agent who incorporates Aerial Photos and video into their marketing strategy, yet only 9% of realtors create videos to market their listings.

Long term benefits.......

We know that 73% of sellers actively search out agents who use video as part of their marketing strategy.  We know that listings using drone photography and video get more views and more inquiries. We know that listings that include aerial photography and video close faster.  However there are a number of additional factors and benefits that are harder to quantify but none the less result in more money in your pocket. Consider this:

  • More interest and inquiries on listings can lead to bidding wars and higher final sales prices, often above asking. More commission for you and very, very happy clients.​
  • Word of mouth from your clients will attract more listings without you doing anything other than selling homes.
  • The value of the listings that you attract is likely to increase due to your marketing prowess = higher commissions.
  • Your reputation and that of your brokerage increases with each higher value listing you attract.

Inspection Services

The benefits of using drones for industrial inspections are varied:

Building inspectors: Use drones to identify issues on roofs, building exteriors, and elevated towers without the need to spend hours walking or climbing a site. Collect better data, save valuable man hours, and reduce the need to send contractors into unsafe conditions. 

Insurance inspectors: Use drone data as a way to streamline inspection claims by quickly and comprehensively assessing damage to property, homes, and commercial real estate. 

Agriculture insurance: In the case of agricultural insurance, gather a complete picture of an entire field so that you can make the most accurate damage assessment.  

  • Reduce down time, asset stays operational during the inspection
  • Minimize health and safety issues
  • High quality, repeatable database, time stamping of asset condition.
  • Ability to operate in remote and hostile locations at minimum costs


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How Can we Serve you?

Turf Management

Benefits to Golf Courses include 

Overview of the golf course from a height  to quickly identify problems. Survey for damaged trees, fencing and buildings after storms,

Golf Course Photogrammetry maps are also terrific for golf course expansion and major landscape projects.  Other benefits include Orthophoto’s (geospatially corrected aerial images),  3D Building Models, Contour Maps & Volumetric Surveys, Turf and landscape health through NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) 

Roof & Structure Inspections

Gone are the days of hauling ladders, requiring teams of personnel to check those peaks and valleys at heights and slopes that can result in personal injury or death from a fall.  With super high resolution cameras mounted on professional grade UAV's no building is to tall, steep, or precarious to determine it's condition safely and affordably.

Wind Farm, Cell Tower & More

Our inspections are faster than traditional techniques, providing cost savings while improving  safety by reducing unnecessary human interaction at great heights. We can measure defects with incredible accuracy with the use of 20 megapixel / 4k high-resolution cameras that record every inch of your equipment and assist with preventing unexpected system failure.  All this at a fraction of current costs.

Weddings & Special Events

Your event is special so why settle for ordinary ground level photos?  Take your special occasion to new heights with Aerial still and Cinematic grade 4k video.  We are happy to work with your event photographer to record  your event from a very unique point of view! 

Collaborative Photography

We are delighted to work with other media and photography professionals! Combining cutting edge technology, rock solid platforms and decades of photography experience.  Our FAA Approved Pilots are seasoned photographers too!

Passion Matters... 

Infrastructure & More

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) also known as Drones are perfectly suited to the task of inspecting the most difficult to reach spots on bridges, dams and  existing  structures and those under construction. 

 With the ability to  scan for cracks, erosion, corrosion and defects in areas that would otherwise require the inspector to climb, repel, hang from a rope/harness or erect scaffolding, UAV's offer a safe, quick and cost effective alternative to the old fashion methods.

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